Monthly Archive for January, 2009


But oh so worth it!

The day started well before dawn with a 40 minute drive to Manassas. VA to catch a shuttle bus to the Falls Church,VA metro station. We were packed like sardines for about 45 minutes in route to a metro stop miles from our entrance to the silver ticketed standing area.   On Monday, January 19, 2009 when we entered the office building of Diane Feinstein to pick up our ticket my cell phone rang and it was a friend calling to tell me she had another ticket for us to be picked up at the same building.  Right on time!

There was loads of walking and turning around in another direction due to streets being closed for security.      The sliver ticketed area had only one entrance and we got in.  Imagine, over 235,000 people being threaded through the eye of a needle.   It was sooooo very cold even before the ceremony began.  We were warmed by chants of OBAMAUH! and YES WE CAN!  While standing there, I thought a number of times, is this worth it?  My feet are frozen, they hurt from all the walking, I can’t really see much but a glimpse of the Capitol steps and a corner of the jumbotron.  I wish I were a little taller!

It wasn’t until we got back to my stepdaughter Gina’s and we started watching tv that I realized what was just done today.  When I saw all those people and thought, we helped to make history today!  We were one of those 2 million people.  January 20, 2009 will be forever burned in my memory.

On Wednesday, January 21 we drove to Hampton to visit my father-in-law Pop.  On the way I read the Washington Post and looked at pictures.  Only then did I become truly emotional.  I spent most of the day mopping up my tears.

I feel so fortunate to have been part of change.  Our little part of registering voters and educating people on our new presidents qualifications and credentials may have influenced a few.  So many people we met that day helped in every way they could as well.  It was the thread that tied us all together.  Gina was the first one I heard say that it felt like a family reunion and I have to agree.  An unimaginable air of unity prevailed, much like the feeling of family.   Oh such hope we all share!